Series 1:

episode 1Episode 1:

Dr Kevin meets a dog and a cat who have had to drop some kilos after becoming clinically overweight. Gindy the chocolate lab and Betsy the Old English Sheepdog are busy feeding a litter of seven puppies each; meanwhile, Dr Kevin visits Jo at Aquapaws on the Mornington Peninsula to learn about animal hydrotherapy treatments.

Episode 2:

A worried owner brings her cat into the clinic when she notices he isn’t quite himself. The Labrador and English Sheepdog puppies are up for sale and hopeful owners-to-be are coming to visit. Dr Kevin visits the Pet and Animal Expo, where he meets several interesting and unusual pets.

episode2Episode 3:

Mickey the poodle comes into the clinic when his owners notice some bad breath. However on examination, Dr Kevin finds that the problem is worse than they might have realised. Meanwhile, Steph and her family are picking up their new puppy, as is Sally, who is meeting hers for the first time after coming back from overseas. Dr Kevin travels to a farm where a friendly ram is experiencing walking difficulties.

Episode 4:

Dr Kevin interviews Dr Lewis, who has written a book that helps dog owners integrate a newborn baby into their household. Its time for the puppies to start puppy school classes with the help of Chris Loverseed, who specialises in dog training and behaviour modification. Then its off to the Mornington Peninsula where Dr Kevin meets some members of Rescue a Cat Inc.

episode4Episode 5:

Dr Kevin meets with one of his regular patients, a Schnauzer with a common case of high cholesterol. Chris puts the pups to the test in their second puppy class, while Dr Kevin returns to Aquapaws to learn about acupuncture and animal physiotherapy.

Episode 6:

Dr Kevin explains some of the problems that can afflict small pets like rabbits and guinea pigs. Chris visits two of the puppies at home to see how they are getting on in their own environment. Dr Kevin takes a trip to the inaugural annual Dog Lovers show.

episode7Episode 7:

Some volunteers from Wildlife Victoria bring their charges to the clinic to have Dr Kevin check them over. Its back to puppy school for Chris and the puppies and back to the Melbourne Pet and Animal Expo for Dr Kevin, where there are even more surprises in store. 

Episode 8

Dr Kevins shows a group of kids how to do some basic first aid on their pets while Chris visits little Emmy at home. Then Dr Kevin goes back to Aquapaws for the last time, where Jo shows him how they are helping permanently disabled pets.

shiloEpisode 9

Dr Kevin has a reminder for us about making regular trips to the vet. After another puppy class with Chris, Dr Kevin visits the Lost Dogs home, where its adoption day for a couple of lucky animals.

Episode 10

Some of Dr Kevin’s regular patients come into the clinic for a visit. Diesel and Littlemoe are senior pets who require extra care in their twilight years. Chris visits Steph’s family at home to see how Strider is getting on outside of puppy school. Then its back to the Dog Lovers show to meet more interesting people and their pets.

possumEpisode 11

The team from Wildlife Victoria are back in the clinic to talk to Dr Kevin about their work rescuing animals from the wild. Chris joins us for puppy school once more. Then we’re off to the bird show where Dr Kevin makes some feathery friends.

Episode 12

In this week’s special episode, Dr Kevin is at the Templestowe Festival near the clinic. Some of his clients stop to say hello before he meets Ace the python, Khan the dingo and the team from Wildlife Xposure, followed by a camel ride. Meanwhile Chris visits Sally to see how pirate is getting on at home.

Episode 13

Dr Kevin sits down with us to have a look back at his favourite moments from the series. Meanwhile its time for puppy school graduation, and Chris and Geraldine take all the pups out for a picnic at the park.

Information on Series 2 coming soon